Wedding season is on the horizon.

Picking a date for your wedding is no easy task. With two thirds of weddings happening during the core summer months and with Saturday by far the most popular day of the week to get married on, there's tough competition and a lot to consider when choosing the day to say "I do".

BEXHILL FILM COMPANY have released a list of the most popular days of the year in 2018 for weddings, so act fast if you want

to secure your guests for one of these.


1. Saturday 18 August

2. Saturday 26 May

3. Saturday 25 August

4. Saturday 4 August

5. Saturday 28 July

6. Saturday 16 June

7. Saturday 23 June

8. Saturday 1 September

9. Saturday 30 June

10. Saturday 11 August

We suggest that if you do want to get married in the core months – particularly on a Bank Holiday or on any of these popular dates – you need to get your skates on. As soon as you have found your dream venue, ask them to put it on hold while you confirm with your nearest and dearest and get the 'Save the date' email out pronto.

With a estimated 100,000 proposals that happen over Christmas, the next few months will be competitive so it's all about acting fast.

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