Wedding dates to avoid in 2018

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

Planning a wedding in 2018? These are the dates you should probably avoid....

Whether you’re superstitious, avoiding spending too much money or simply don’t want all guests to be booked up already – here are all the wedding dates to approach with caution in 2018.

April 13th and July 13th

These are the only two Friday the 13th's in the year so if you’re superstitious you might want to avoid them. If not though, you might be able to grab yourself a bargain!

20th March, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of April This is Easter weekend this year, so you may find lots of your guests are already booked up and most venues will probably up their prices for this weekend too.

7th May, 28th May, 27th August 2018 These are the spring and summer bank holiday dates for 2018 and although they come with the bonus of an extra day off for your guests (woo hoo!), they often come with a premium price, so think twice before booking.

31st October Superstitious brides will want to avoid Halloween (which falls on a Wednesday this year), but in honesty we would love to attend a zombie wedding!

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