8 signs he’s about to propose Think your man maybe about to propose?

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Think your man may be about to propose? Here are the signs to watch out for...

With Valentines Day just around the corner there is one particular question that’s just waiting to be popped. But, how can you tell if your boyfriend is about to pop the question? Look out for these incriminating signs….

1. He’s acting seriously weird He seems to be muttering to himself a little bit, he’s stressed when you come home unexpectedly early and he’s being weirdly possessive over his phone – yep, planning a proposal can be stressful.

2. He’s booked something special He’s surprised you with tickets to Paris or maybe secured a table at your favourite restaurant… either way you might be about to see a man on one knee very soon.

3. He snaps his computer shut when you walk in the room Don’t force him to prise it open (unless you want to ruin an amazing surprise!).

4. He’s taken an uncharacteristic interest in your accessories “You don’t seem to wear that gold necklace from your sister any more. Why is that? Do you prefer silver?” Expect this and many more weird questions while he’s ring shopping.

5. He’s suddenly very money conscious He’s hidden all the takeaway menus, forces you to take a packed lunch to work and insists on eating all the leftovers. He may well be saving for something special.

6. He’s been meeting up with your family You’re chatting away to you mum on the phone when she casually mentions that she saw your other half yesterday (without you?!). What on earth could he and your parents be talking about…

7. He asks you about a friends’ proposal He’s (not so) subtly trying to gauge your reaction by bringing up other people's proposal stories and engagement rings to work out what you’d like. It’s cute really.

8. Ring and jewellery adverts start popping up when you’re online If you and your boyfriend share a computer, you may start seeing adverts for engagement rings popping up when you're browsing the web – for heaven's sake fellas – clear your browsing history!

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