Hasting Registry Office - Hastings

Wedding photography and videography at Hasting registry office 

To legally get married, a registry office is a great place to consider, at Hastings registry office the prices start around £167 for a weekday ceremony including the notice of marriage fee (£35pp). This cost of this basic service applies to anywhere in the UK even in and around London and other city centres where you would think the price would be higher.


Registrar fee:

If you want to do it in a local or meaningful venue away from Hasting registry office, you first have to make sure it is licenced to hold ceremonies, you may find the local pub isn't. With this in mind, you will also need to pay for a registrar which can cost around £475 and you will still have to pay for the venue hire.

Hasting's registry office ceremony's:

With idyllic building features Hastings registry office is very grand in its interior decor, boasting of 2 suites:


The Mayor's Parlour is Ideal for an intimate occasion this room is luxuriously decorated in blue and gold and features a sparkling crystal chandeliers.

 The cost for dates between march and April for the Mayor's Parlour range from £165 - £290 with public holidays being £415 and date between April - march are ranging from £180 - £305 with public holidays being £430 for this small but grand room.


 The Councillors Chamber is a breathtaking, historic room with an impressive Bath stone fireplace and a carving of St Michael it is perfect for the more larger ceremony.

The cost for dates booked before March are between £240 - £365 with public holidays being £490 and dates between April and march are between £255 - £380 with public holidays priced at £505.

Civil partnership:

Marriage and civil partnership surcharges:

Surcharge apply to the more busy times of the year, for off peak days such as valentines day, new years eve and Christmas eve you can expect to pay anything from £50 - £100 in extra fees.

With ceremony's commencing between 5pm and 10pm - £100.

Ceremony's commencing between 10pm to 9am - £200.


Bexhill Film Company at Hastings registry office:

Having had the pleasure of photographing these two lovely couples big day here back in 17’ we had the chance to have a look around this stunning venue, with more film and photography bookings coming up here in the next few months, we can see this location becoming more and more popular for the brides and grooms of East Sussex.

Confetti shot outside Hasting Registry Office
Couple getting married at Hasting Registry Office

Friendly faces at Hastings registry office


Registrar in Sussex do a great job and are a pleasure to work with.

Registrar in Sussex