Caivan Namvar - Bexhill Film Company - Videographer

Wedding photography and videography with Caivan Namvar - Hastings

Caivan Namvar, Videographer.

Videography is the best tool for me to help people tell their story.. and the fact that everybody has their own version of a story, keeps my passion growing every day. For the past couple of years I have been helping many businesses, locally and as far as the London area, produce videos to promote their ideas and services to various audiences. I would say that Weddings and birthdays are currently my favourite projects as I can really get involved in the creative process and capture those once in a life time moments, full of emotion, which will be available to experience over & over again. I look forward to capturing your story in the near future. Caivan

Caivan Namvar film Bexhill Film Company Wedding

Examples of Caivans work. for Bexhill Film Company